Who are we ...

Gentius is one of the fastest growing distributors of pharmaceutical that has gained a national reputation for commitment to delivery excellence, order accuracy and safety. It is headquartered in Tirana Business Park (TBP) nearby the International Airport “Mother Theresa” and the two main highways of the country.

The company was named after Gentius, the Illyrian king who lived in current Albania, that was known in the ancient world not only as a ruler but also as one of the earliest experts in medicine and pharmacy. That is why an entire family of plants with hundreds of species is named after him.

We work since 2017 with pharmacies, healthcare providers of the public and private sector, manufacturers, government institutions, and others to deliver insights, products and services that make quality care more accessible and affordable. We have also forged solid business relationships with wholesalers and healthcare operators in the Albanian communities of the neighboring states.

We’re here to help

Our goal is to play a leading role in Albania's pharmaceutical supply chain industry and expand into Kosovo. We aim to become the one-stop and chosen partner for multinational healthcare and life science corporations seeking to enter or expand their business in Albania in particular and in the Western Balkans in general.


Health needs care.
Take care of it and prevent diseases. We are here to help.

Nikola Ndoni

Manager at Gentius